Love Affairs & Superstitions

by Frankie

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released March 10, 2016

All music and lyrics written by Frankie
Recorded at Fireball Music Studios, Thessaloniki
Mixed & Mastered by Joe F.K.



all rights reserved


Frankie Thessaloniki, Greece

Starting as a solo artist in 2012, Frankie started writing music and released his first self-titled demo "FRANKIE" along with the music video of "Bourbon & Wine". Later on he would form a dynamic trio
with NonSap (drums) and Plato (bass) naming the band Frankie. Having already released their first music video from the E.P. "Love Affairs & Superstitions" they're getting ready for their 2nd single.
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Track Name: City Groove
I'm gonna move into the city
Where a man's heart can find warmth
I'm gonna groove into the city
Find me a girl that I can love

Far away from this town where the blues
Can't come down I will build my new home
You can't chase me no more
Freedom lies in my soul
You won't see me around anymore

I'm gonna move into the city
For it's there where I belong
I'm gonna groove into the city
Write me another hit pop song
Track Name: Clementine
Clementine she was a quiet girl
At least I thought so 'till I later found that
Alcohol was her only friend
And by the time I saw her down at the bar
That's when she leaned over to me and whispered
In my ear some very odd words

I can take you miles before sleep
I can show you things you've never seen
Let's not waste another minute here
Don't worry about the drinks they're all on me

So where do we crash tonight? Will it be my place or yours?
I've got so much time let's go do it all night long
There's a secret hidin' in your body to explore
Quench my thirst and I'll give to you body and soul

Night time falls as the cigarette smoke in the cafe
slowly starts to swirl in different shapes it's clouding my mind
And by the time we've had another round again she leaned
Over to me and whispered in my those very odd words
Track Name: Memory Lane
Show me your true colours and we'll get along
The comfort in your love is where my heart belongs
Just hear the beat, the music goes on and on

Come follow me to a journey through memory lane
Remember when we used to go out and play
And picture me in the distance as I fade away

Touch me, feel my hearts desire burst out into fire
Hold me, make my heart beat louder your love takes me higher

You should've been there when I gave you my call
I was in deep trouble everything was wrong
My knees were weak and my body felt so numb

Lucky for you this did not mean anything at all
For you have found someone else to put the blame on
I can just leave and pretend that this was all my fault
Track Name: What I'm Looking For
I got home last night thinking
What the hell was I'd been missing
I was sitting in the bar drinking
And you were standing right beside me

I couldn't talk to you you were busy
I couldn't buy you a drink it wasn't easy
I was a fool to think you'd come near me
'Cause you just ran off with some other guy
Darling you oughtta know that
You're no the girl I'm looking for

Could you get to spare me some of your time
So I can finally speak my mind
All we did was share a glance
While I was looking for romance
(But you wouldn't give it to me)